Hello everyone, and thank you for visiting Find Your Peak! I created this website to help you achieve peak performance in every area of your life.

I have been interested in self-improvement, business, and peak performance since reading The Art of the Deal back when it was released.  While not really about peak performance, I saw someone that rose to the top of his chosen profession, and it sparked a curiosity in me to learn how to do the same for myself.  Since then I have studied hundreds of books, seminars, courses, and programs on self-improvement, business, productivity, and peak performance.

Through this site I want to share the knowledge I have acquired over the years to try to help others achieve their goals and dreams, and to live the life they have always dreamed of living.

About Me

I am currently a IT security consultant during the day.  I work with companies from small businesses to the largest corporations in the world ensuring that when you give them your data that it stays secure in their systems.  Because of my job, I travel all over the world to the tune of around 100,000 miles a year.  I have been to four of the seven continents and will go to the fifth this year, and to over 25 countries.

Prior to my current job, I have started and ran my own business, spent 11 years in the U.S. Army Infantry, and served in Desert Storm.

I am married to a wonderful woman with two incredible children, and I like to play golf (however poorly) and spend about twelve hours a day behind the computer working on this site as well as a few others.

I started this site in January 2010, so it is a year old as I am writing this page.

Please take a look at some of the archives, as there are some really great articles out there that tend to go unnoticed by new visitors.  Also, please leave me some comments, or drop me an email, I love meeting my readers!  You also might find some links in some of the posts.  On occasion, some of these might be affiliate links where if you end up purchasing something I will get a small commission.  I will only link to things that I have personally tried and have found to be great products or services, not something that just pays me money, so you don’t have to worry about being scammed.

Also, please sign up for my mailing list.  I promise I will NEVER sell or give away any of your information, and will not fill your inbox with useless SPAM, I hate that as much as you do.

So take a look around, stay a while, and I hope you  enjoy visiting this site as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

To Your Success,

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