Guest Post: 5 Reasons Why You Can’t Fulfill Your Dreams

Almost everyone has heard the famous saying, “You can do anything you set your mind to.” While this is an encouraging statement, is it true?

It’s not as easy as just coming up with something you dream of doing, and then making it happen. There’s much more involved in turning a dream into a reality.

Knowing why you can’t achieve your dreams can help you know what to fine tune, so you have a better chance of achieving them.

Check out these reasons why you can’t fulfill your dreams, so you can start working on how you’ll achieve a dream that’s possible for you.

#1: You Don’t Know What They Are

Have you thought about your dreams lately? Most people lead such hectic lives that they seldom sit back to think about what they would love their life to be like.

You can’t change your life if you don’t know what to change.

Take some moments to think about what you really want to change in your life. Knowing what you want to change is the first step, and it’s the one that you must take.

#2: Your Dreams Are Unrealistic

If you’re 50 years old and have never played a day of tennis in your life, it’s likely you won’t be able to fulfill your dream of winning at Wimbledon. This is quite obvious, but other examples may not be as apparent.

Consider how realistic your dream is…

This may not be easy, and is a big reason why people seek coaching these days. Some people will think their dream is unrealistic because they fear failure, not because it cannot be done.

#3: You Don’t Have Natural Talent

Just like in the example of wanting to win at Wimbledon, if you don’t have a talent in tennis, it’s likely you won’t be able to fulfill your dream. While at times you can learn a skill, there are some things you can’t learn, and it just has to come naturally to you.

Think about your dream and the types of skills and knowledge you need for what you want to do. Then consider whether that is something you can do with the talent you have.

#4: You Don’t Have Enough Time

Some dreams take decades to materialize and others not so long. It’s true that some people can get on the fast track of success, it’s not the case for most people.

Think of someone living the dream you want have and then, consider how long it took that person to achieve that. This will give you a good idea of how possible it is for you to make your dream a reality with the time you have before you do others things in life, such as retire or get too old for it.

#5: You Don’t Think You Can Achieve Them

Finally yet importantly, the fifth reason why you can’t fulfill your dreams is because you don’t think you can do it. Many people put up a roadblock to success because they don’t feel they’ll ever make it. They don’t want to try to achieve them because they fear the ridicule of failing not only from others, but also from themselves. If they don’t try, they don’t fail.

Fear of failure is understandable. However, it’s a common reason why most people never fulfill their dreams. They don’t ever try new things, so they never move forward towards a life they want.

The only way you will achieve your dreams is if you think about them, fine tune them to meet your capabilities and time and take risks. Sure, you may fail along the way to your dream, but if you continue on making adjustments along the way, you can reach the success you want in life

Marcelina Hardy is the staff writer for the iNLP Center, which offers live and online training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Visit iNLP to receive a free coaching session.

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    This is an article worth pondering on. I agree that you should know yourself first before you start change in your life and begin chasing your dreams. Knowing who you really are can help you realize you real goal.